Friday Twitter Stream

6 Jan

Happy Friday Ya’ll!  I usually like to spend my fridays by not getting stressed out at work followed by a relaxing evening with D, but I have 2 meetings, about 18 deadlines on Monday, and D is sick with the beginning of a common cold that I may or may not have given to him.  So, this Friday is taking a different turn for me.  I will probably stress out and spend my evening reading and paper writing.  That said, its still going to be a great Friday.

One thing I wanted to do to share my Friday love with you guys is to start a meme.  Confession:  Memes are my crack.  I love them in every way because they are so simple yet so revealing!   But rather take someone else’s meme I decided to manipulate a slightly existing one which is the Twitter Trends.  Have you ever noticed them?  Sometimes, they are hilarious and I have to read through all the tweets with the related hashtags. 

5 hours later, I realized I’ve just spent 5 hours on twitter.  It gets me EVERY TIME. 

Well, every Friday, I’ll be taking the top 10 trends and commenting on them right here on my blog.  Feel free to join in too.  So, without further ado:

1) #The Devil Inside:  I’m super stoked about this movie.  The commercial freaked me out!  My sis and I love watching scary movies so we’ll probably go and see this this weekend, scare the baby Jesus out of ourselves and run home sobbing.

2) #askzayn:  Who’s zayn?  What should I ask him?

3) #TWFirstFanFridayof2012:  I’m excited for all Fridays, not just the first Friday.  They are awesome!

4) #OrgulhoBondeDaStronda:  I don’t know what this means, but I know its in Portuguese.  I’ve noticed that usually at least one of the top 10 trending topics is usually in a foreign language that uses the English Alphabet.  Maybe I’m thinking about this too much.

5) #PeopleIwouldRawDawg:  If this is what I think it means, then, uh, I want this to be a family blog so no comment.  LOL.

6) #DavidWilson:  Who?

7) #SiennaMiller:  Wasn’t this Jude Law’s ex-wife who he cheated on with that nanny?  That’s about all I know her for.

8) #JustinandChaz:  I can’t help but think of Justin Timberlake and Chaz Bono when I see this.  I thought Justin just proposed to JessicaB?  Maybe they are dueting a song?

9) #KenMcDonald: Again who?  I’m so worried that these might be really important people and I should know better…

10) #WantUBack:  I’m convinced that the people that are no longer in my life are not in my life for a reason.  Of course, I don’t let relationships just go by the wayside.  I do whatever I can to keep people in my life.  But if after all my effort, you aren’t appreciating me then, you can go.  If I still want you back after that, I should begin to love myself more and treat myself better.

And those are my Twitter Friday Thoughts!  That was a lot harder than what I thought because the top10 trends change every minute.  Your best bet is to just stick to the order so, what is at spot number 4 will be number 4, etc.  Or, copy the list first, then comment on it. 



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