A Trace of Good

17 Dec

One of the main philanthropic efforts that my company undertakes is Breast Cancer Awareness.  In fact, many departments usually hold some sort of event in order to contribute to the company’s efforts and these usually raise a significant amount of money.  A department on my floor is pretty famous for their bake sale.  While these ladies may do Marketing by day, by night they must be furiously working on their craft because I have never seen a more delectable selection of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, and other yummy treats in my life.  Sometimes, there are some non-homemade treats, like cupcakes from Sprinkles, which I’ve never had, but I heard they are to die for.  (Personally, I wouldn’t die for food, but I’ll leave that for another post)  I would have taken a picture, but I was busy salivating so I’ll leave you with this similar resembling photo:

I mean, just straight goodness sitting in front of you.  You automatically want to just reach out and grab if not for the fact that 1) you know good and well that this is a bake SALE and not a bake HANDOUT so you do need to pay for these treats and 2) there is a huge box labeled DONATIONS right in between the double chocolate chunk cookies and the peanut butter cups.

Let me take about six (6) steps back here.  There is no one actually manning the station like at most normal bake sales.  Nope.  The set up is in the kitchen and the ladies that do run the sale just set up the goodies for about 10 minutes each morning.  They put post-its with suggested prices in front of the treats,  place the open donation box (filled with money!) in between the treats and walk away.   I understand that they have jobs to do, but to leave a bake sale unattended?  I, for one, am in SHOCK and DISBELIEF.

How could you just leave goodies out like that and TRUST the world to not just steal take them?  Or worse, when you put up a suggested price of $2.00 for one (1) brownie, how do you know someone isn’t going to just drop a quarter in the box and walk out with the whole plate?  How can you trust anyone?

Well apparently, I’m the only one that arms myself a paranoia and a trust-no-one attitude, because no else seems to feel that way.  In fact, every time I’ve been in the kitchen with a potential customer, people will actually put the money in the donation box first before selecting their treat.  And they will pay the suggested donation!  Yes, my mind is being blown and maybe yours is too! 

I guess my fear comes mostly from how I was raised.  While birth certificates and passports may have you believe that my parents were raised in the West Indies, they in fact were raised by “20/20,” “America’s Most Wanted,” “Cops,” “Dateline,” and just about any other show that will have you believe that the world is filled with misanthropes and crazies just waiting to steal your money, your identity and maybe the clothes right off your back if the size is right.  So, maybe that’s why if I’m in a crowded train, I’ll hold my bag closer, or even if I’m at work and I step away from my desk, I will lock up all my drawers and take my wallet with me.  So, yes, I don’t trust anyone.

But not these bake sale ladies!  They trust everyone.  And I guess after running this for years, maybe they have no reason to not trust anyone.  I’m sure there is that one person or maybe a few people in the bunch that actually does steal, but since they net out about $1,500 each time, I guess they can just shrug their shoulders not mind it.

So, it seems as though there is a trace of good in this world and it lives in my office.  But, I’m not going to let my guard down just yet.  Maybe there’s a reason.  Maybe its the fact that its for breast cancer awareness (which is so prevalent, its likely that almost each one of us have met someone that has been affected by it), or maybe its the fact that its a bake sale and you just feel bad about stealing from a bake sale (ugh, the thought just digusted it).  Or maybe, just maybe, there are some actually good people out there.

Hmm.  Thoughts?



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