My Daily Dose of Cuteness

4 Dec

Without further ado, meet the “other” love of my life, Sonny the Dog:

He is a Shi Tzu Bichon Frise mix. He’s a little over 2 years old (birthday June 3rd).  My family adopted him in August of 2009 and he’s been lighting up our life ever since.

We don’t know too much about his family except that he was one of about 5 in the litter.  Since he was  gift to my dad, we had my dad choose which one he liked.  Apparently, all the dogs ran away when my dad walked into the room except for Sonny.  He ran right up to my father and stayed in his arms the entire time.


My family sometimes get jealous because he clearly expresses a slight favoritism for me.  Apparently he starts losing his mind when I start walking towards the house, even if he hasn’t seen me.  It’s like he “feels” me or something.  But, I quickly remind him that I’m the one that usually walks him, bathes him, feeds him, plays with him and shnuggles with him.  That usually gets them silent for a bit.


I’m slightly ashamed of confessing that he isn’t fully house trained.  We have got him on a regular schedule of going outside every hour or so so that he doesn’t do his business in the house, but if we forget, then Sonny has no shame…er…doing his business in the house.  He also has this pretty bad habit of getting overly excited and well…you know what happens when anyone/thing gets overly excited.  We’re thinking about obedience school for him, but I’m not sure if its too late since he’s almost 3 years old.  On a more positive note, he does come when he’s called, he can sit, he can turn around in a circle on his hind legs, jump through a hula hoop and give you a paw.

I really do love him so much.  He’s a great listener when you’re down although he’s much more concerned with you rubbing his belly while you’re talking.  He’s extremely smart although has an irrational fear of brooms, mops and Face Time.  Somehow though, he’ll stand still long enough for you to take his picture and give you that loving smile.

I totes love my doggie!

Do you guys have any pets?  Do you find yourself talking about them ad nauseum, cuz I know I do!


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