25 Nov

Oh, mani-pedi, how I love a mani-pedi.

I think I might have had my first one in high school (some 11 or so years ago).  Even then the concept seemed ridiculous.  How am I paying someone to do something, I could so easily do myself?  So, I went through a phase collecting every possible nail color in the world and trying to work my magic.  I’d like to think I introduced the world to Yellow Tips over clear nail polish, but then again, maybe that’s something I might want to keep to myself.  The toes are really easy to do, but the hand nails…I never could get my left hand looking as good as my right.

When I started to work full-time, I returned back to the salon as more of a girls outing and less so for myself.  With a salary, a $15 mani-pedi doesn’t seem THAT bad, y’know?  Over time, I found myself wanting to go and get my nails done, even if the chicas weren’t available to go.  But then, I went to my first luxe nail salon and I think that changed my outlook on mani-pedis forever.  Goodness, it was like a spa day except just for your hands and feet.  Comfortable chairs, massages, current gossip mags and an impeccable attention to detail.  Not one cuticle was left for the eye!  But while that experience solidified my love for the mani-pedi, it also made me realize that it wasn’t worth $40!

Disclaimer:  I’ve been back to that place 2 other times.  I just couldn’t say good-bye.

These days, my regular spot is right by my house.  A mani-pedi is $17.  These include a brief foot and hand massage too.  I usually go ever 2 weeks unless I have no time since I usually spend about an hour there.  I’ve been happy with them, especially since they also have a loyalty program.  After 5 services, on your sixth visit, you get $5 off.  Don’t think this post was completely rando, today was my 6th visit, so I got my mani-pedi for $12!

So two things:

1) I bring my own nail polish to the salon.  So I still have a lot of that nail polish that I use to collect (I usually throw them away after 3 years).  But also, sometimes, the nail salon doesn’t have that color you want.  This makes sure that I always get what I came for.  I guess I should also mention that this is by no means a sponsored post (I totally started blogging 4 minutes ago…), so these are my own products, my own pics and my own opinions.

2) I wanted to take pics of my hands and nails.  I really did.  Except when I took the pics, they came out weird.  Does anyone else think their hands and toes look weird? Anyway, didn’t want to freak you guys out with my alien hands and toes, so I’m just going to show you the polish and ask you to use your imagination.

On the hands this week:

I totally didn’t put these in order, but on the right is a Sally Hansen Diamond Brilliant Blush base coat and I had them overlay it with the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Rock Candy. I try not to get anything too fussy with my hands since I don’t spend all day behind a cubicle.  Don’t want anyone thinking I party as hard as I actually do.  LOL.

And the toes:

While I know this is a Sally Hansen product, I actually don’t know the name of it.  But it is as festive as it looks.  It is always a party on the toes since I keep them hidden all day.  And, if I am going to show them off at night, well they better be as fierce as the shoes!

Hope you enjoyed my soft scarf in the background as well.  LOL.  Honestly, I actually really like this combo together so I might do the boring predictable thing and bring these two in for a few visits.  Or maybe I will find a new fave color.  And maybe one day my toes and hands will not look too weird so I can show you the colors live and in action.



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