On Being Grateful

23 Nov

Even though Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I know I have so much to be grateful for, I still can’t help but have a chip on my shoulder regarding this half day of work to which I’m being sucuumbed.  HOW CRUEL AND UNUSUAL?  I know I only have to stay until 12:30PM, which is a hot 3 hours away, but still, that’s 3 hours I could have been in bed playing family feud or beginning my second nap session.

But before I get too worked up over what I clearly deem to be a violation of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, I’m going to take a step back and really realize how grateful I should be.  On this day before Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for:

1) For one, I woke up this morning and got another chance to live. 

2) I have a job to go to where I can count the minutes down until I can leave (and get paid!).  

3) My family (a wise mother, a hard-working dad, a funny brother, and a sister that doubles as a bestie)

4) My boyfriend (he is just wonderful in every sense of the word!)

5) Friends (Especially the ones you haven’t seen in a while, but when you finally meet up its like you never left them)

6) Having the Bare Necessities (Food, Shelter, Water – especially this cold water I’m sipping on right now, lol)

7) School (Although I might say it with clenched teeth, I’m really happy that I’m going half mad with school!)

8. Vacations (from the one day kind, to the 11 day kind…I love some time off)

9) Spirituality (before I get too cranky, I realize the main reason for me to be thankful for anything.  Thanks, God!)

and just because I need 10 things to be grateful for…

10) Myself.  It’s so easy to forget not to be thankful for being yourself.  If you were anyone else, life wouldn’t as sweet!

Happy Thanksgiving.  Remember to reflect on how grateful you should be (from the small to the large!).


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