How We Met

20 Nov

Usually when someone finds out you’re dating, he/she inevitably asks, “Sooo…How did you meet?”  And 10 months and and 19 days later (yes our anniversary is on January 1st…more on that later), I still get all giddy inside when I think of it.

We actually met at a mixer for newly accepted students at my school.  I don’t remember what exactly was I doing, but someone shoved him in my face and said that we had to meet.  So I met him.  The first thing that struck me was his gorgeous blue eyes.  The next thing that struck me was his sense of humor and his smile.  I decided to continue working the room, so I left him for a bit, but right as he was about to leave he came to find me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Again, I had to tell myself to get it together, so I did and wished him good night.  I stayed at the party for a few more hours, met some people and headed home.  I noticed he friended me later on that night and I got a bit giddy, but not too giddy.

A few weeks later, at new student orientation, we met up again.  We partnered up for ice breakers and meals and even signed up for a few clubs together.  We exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses and e-mailed and chatted for hours.  Because we were in the same classes, we could meet up before hand to chat and we could leave together.  Our train rides home were wonderful because I got to know him really well in terms of his views on family, friends, etc.  While the thought crossed my mind that we could be good together, Over time though, I figured we would just be friends because, I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship and I didn’t want the whole drama coming with dating someone at our school!

At one point, I decided to find out how he really felt about me.  Well, he liked me all right.  I did too, but I still just couldn’t bring myself to date him.  But if there is anything he is, ooh that boy is patient!  We continued to get to know each other by going out to eat, studying together, meeting friends and families.  After about 3 months of that, I decided to no longer talk to him because I couldn’t do it from an emotional standpoint: the half-committing.  I was pretty much acting like his girlfriend, but I just wasn’t.  I let him know that I would need a break from us.  Reluctantly he agreed and we parted ways.

That “break” lasted all of a week.  I realized that I was crazy about him and that I needed to put my big girl panties on and give love a chance!  On January 1st we met up for dinner a cute deli.  Even though I rehearsed what I planned to tell him, after the waitress took our order, he outright asked me, do you want to be my girlfriend.  I said yes, and the rest…is HISTORY!

And every day, for the past 10 months and 19 days, I’m so glad I said “Yes” and I’m so glad he gave me (technically speaking) another chance to be his girlfriend.


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